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As a conference organizer you will have to set up an event page on Indico.UN to manage registration of participants and ensure they receive access to the meeting. You will need the status as a category manager (with a scope of an organization, a unit, a folder, or a subcategory) or conference manager (with a scope limited to a specific conference). 

New organizations or entities using Indico.UN benefit from an onboarding by the business analysis team and a training by the Indico.UN support team. During those initial meetings, category manager rights are granted to the users who set up and manage events. Category managers can grant the same role or any subsidiary role to their colleagues. Category managers can grant the roles of category manager, conference manager, focal point or, under some conditions, security officer to other colleagues.


The Indico.UN Workflow


The steps to open an account are explained on the dedicated Indico.UN help page. Once you have created your account, please contact the Indico.UN team which will assign a role (category manager or conference manager) to you. 

The Indico.UN help page "Create an event" gives step-by-step instructions on how meeting organizers can register their event in Indico.UN.

Yes, there are several roles in Indico.UN, and your role determines which actions you are authorized to perform. An overview of the different roles can be found on the Indico.UN help page, "Managerial Roles Overview"

The Indico.UN team provides an online step-by-step guide for participant registration. Please share the link to the guide with your participants. 

Yes, we do share a presentation explaining how the system works and what functionalities it has. We can also give interested entities a demonstration of the system. Please get in touch with us

Based on their Indico.UN registration, conference participants may enter the Palais des Nations through the Pregny Gate where they receive a badge. Doors 40 and the doors of the Tempus Building are always open and do not require a coded badge to be opened (as may be the case for some other doors of different buildings). 

Yes, Indico.UN works with UN secretariat organizations, UN specialized organizations, non-UN organizations and private entities around the world.

 Meeting organizers will have to arrange the venue, consult the security in charge and arrange any other related service outside of Indico.UN. At the same time, they can leverage on the conference and participants management features of Indico.UN to create the event page, set-up/customize the registration and the timetable, set-up email notifications to participants, set-up security roles, manage the registrations and send email notifications, perform security management activities, badge printing and check-in activities.

Indico.UN is integrated with other UN-secretariat conference management systems handling room bookings, transcripts, or security services. The corresponding features are available only for specific UN conference venues. Please consult the Indico.UN support team for more details.

The Indico.UN Analytical Module provides users with statistics about a given event, about specific subcategories (e.g., a selected location or an event series), or about their entity, depending on the user’s permissions in the system. 

Key indicators are the number of events, number of approved participants, number of badges printed and number of checked-in participants per client, subclient, per event and per event series. Filters and views per period and location are available, too.

Indico.UN users can be granted a reporter role to access the Analytical Module. Reporters may access the module through the link available in the Indico.UN interface. Please consult the Analytical Module Help Files or contact the user support team for more information on how to access the Analytical Module workspace and how to grant users a reporter role in Indico.UN.