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A panoramic view of one of the buildings inside the Palais des Nations next to some trees and behind some artwork.

Latest updates

Two UN Security staff are standing at one of the entrance gates at the Palais des Nations. A car is about to enter, the gate is open. The background shows one of the UN buildlings

New opening hours of the Palais

Owing to cost-saving measures, the Palais des Nations operates within reduced opening hours. Pregny and Peace Gates will be open on working days between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., while the Chemin de Fer Gate will close earlier at 2 p.m. Access to the Palais will not be possible outside of these hours.


Measures to address the UN Global Liquidity Crisis

In 2023, the UN faced its worst financial shortfall in years, with the lowest dues collection in five years and only 142 Member States paying in full. This has resulted in a fragile financial outlook for 2024, severely impacting our operational capabilities. To address this, the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) is tasked with reducing non-salary expenses by 42%, equating to savings of over 15 million USD, while preserving essential functions. Starting April 22nd, UNOG will implement strategic cost-cutting measures to enhance efficiency and ensure sustainability.

A map of the Palais des Nations, showing the walking routes from the different entrances to the office building during the renovation of the Palais.

Circulation routes during renovation works

The Palais des Nations is currently undergoing major renovation works which are scheduled to go on until 2025. During this time, some of the walkways inside the premises will be temporarily accessible. The map shows accessible walkways between and inside the buildings of the Palais.