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The United Nations Information Service in Geneva is the voice of the United Nations Office at Geneva. Though the media and its own news and information products, it keeps the world informed about Geneva’s unique role in multilateralism and international relations. It also fosters a dialogue with key audiences, especially youth, through a range of outreach activities.

The Information Service conveys the official position of the United Nations on matters in the news through press conferences and briefings, official statements, and interviews. It provides both breaking news and in-depth material to international print and audiovisual media, and serves the needs of close to 200 correspondents from the world’s major news agencies and foreign media outlets permanently accredited to the United Nations in Geneva.


Information Services

Providing a comprehensive range of public information services, UN Geneva focuses on Geneva-based United Nations activities on topics such as peace, security, disarmament, human rights, relief assistance, development, economic and social issues.


Accreditation of Journalists

Letter of assignment on official letterhead of a media organization from the Publisher/Assignment Editor or Bureau Chief. It should specify the name and functional title of the journalist and the period for which accreditation is sought at the United Nations.

Print media representatives are required to submit two recent issues of the publication. Radio and TV media representatives must submit recordings of two recent reports.

Independent TV production companies are required to provide a letter from a broadcast organization which intends to air their work.

Photographers are required to submit original tear sheets or photos with credits of the issuing organization.

The web publication must belong to a registered company, such as a media organization, and have a specific, verifiable non-web address and a telephone number.

The online journal requesting accreditation for its correspondent must have a substantial amount of original news content or commentary or analysis on international issues.

If the website is new, the applicant seeking accreditation must provide the latest data on the site’s visitors or other relevant material (press citations, etc.) about the outlet’s audience.

The applicant must have an established record of having written extensively on international issues and must present copies of three recently published articles with his/her byline.

Journalists must present a valid passport from a State recognized by the United Nations General Assembly, along with a press card. Where required, non-nationals of the host government must also confirm their right to work as a journalist by providing a relevant visa or employment authorization document.

UN Geneva must be satisfied that the individuals applying for accreditation are bona fide media professionals and represent bona fide media organizations (formally registered as a media organization in a country recognized by the United Nations General Assembly).

Accreditation will only be given with proof of a track record of reporting for media organizations on international affairs. Media accreditation is not accorded to the information outlets of non-governmental organizations. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and the decisions of UN Geneva are final. UN Geneva reserves the right to deny or withdraw accreditation of journalists from media organizations whose activities run counter to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, or who abuse the privileges so extended or put the accreditation to improper use or act in a way not consistent with the principles of the Organization.


For instructions or to check on the status of your media accreditation request, contact:

United Nations Information Service
Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 917 43 59
+41 22 917 23 25

UN Radio Geneva
To book radio facilities:
+41 (0)22 917 25 66
+41 (0)22 917 10 77

UNTV Geneva
For Transmissions Requests:
+ 41 (0)22 917 4606
+ 41 (0)22 917 4632

Satellite Booking:
Tel: + 41 (0)22 717 2900

Origin: CHUNTV
Coordination: +41 (0)22 917 6187
IFB: +41 (0) 22 917 05 01


Press Services

UN Press Office Geneva

Media outlets can request permanent or temporary press accreditation for their correspondents to cover the range of activities taking place at the United Nations Office at Geneva, from meetings of the Human Rights Council and peace talks to other major conferences and events.

Accredited correspondents participate in bi-weekly press briefings chaired by the UN Geneva spokesperson and attended by the spokespeople of UN specialized agencies and programmes based in Geneva. Correspondents also have access to scheduled press conferences, stakeouts and background briefings on an almost daily basis.

The UN Information Service regularly issues press releases and the meeting summaries of major meetings happening in Geneva, including the sessions of the Human Rights Council, the human rights committees, and the Conference on Disarmament.

Facilities for the media include free or rented workspaces and access to radio and television studios and services, upon availability.

UNweb TV Geneva

UNTV Geneva covers major UN events in Geneva for broadcast around the world. We provide one camera television studio and unilateral transmission facilities for live interviews with UN officials and accredited journalists’ reports. All transmissions are carried out through Eurovision (the European Broadcasting Union, EBU). News material is also available for download on our ftp server.

Request the UN News Story mailing list.

UNweb TV features are available:

UN Geneva Social media

UN Geneva Social Media highlights current events taking place in the Palais des Nations along with historical information about the Organisation. New and reused content is posted on several social media networks with the goal of reaching youth, and the public at large to promote awareness of the work of the Organisation and the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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meeting audio
UN Radio Geneva

UN Radio Geneva prepares and transmits audio material on major UN events and activities in Geneva for use by UN Radio New York and for broadcast by radio stations around the world. We record major UN meetings, including all press conferences and the bi-weekly press briefings at the Palais des Nations.

Audio material including live and recorded conferences, meetings, press conferences and briefings are accessible to journalists. Recording studios are available, and UN Geneva can facilitate the recording and transmission of live or recorded audio material for radio stations and accredited journalists.

UN Photos Geneva

A limited number of photos on UN activities in Geneva in digital format, are available upon request. UN photographs may be reproduced for editorial purposes only. They may NOT be used in advertising.

All photographs must show the UN Photo credit line. There is a charge of US$ 50 for each UN photograph used in publications.

There is no charge for photographs used by UN-affiliated non-governmental organizations and United Nations Associations.