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An areal view of the Palais des Nations

With around 8,000 meetings held per year, UN Geneva is one of the busiest conference centers in the world. The vast Palais des Nations houses 34 conference rooms which have a total seating capacity of more than 9,200 seats. 

The complex is currently undergoing major renovations to conserve the heritage of the historic buildings while, at the same time, modernizing the Palais des Nations and making it fit for today's work practices and meeting requirements. One of the main aims is to enhance accessibility for all to the meetings in the Palais by creating accessible doors, paths, elevators, washrooms and conference facilities. 

An overview of all available meeting rooms can be found on this page. Further details, such as access information, technical features, or 360 images, are provided on dedicated pages for each room. This room finder includes all premises that are serviced by the Division of Conference Management in the United Nations Office at Geneva, comprising both the Palais des Nations and Palais Wilson.

A map with the main buildings of the Palais des Nations marked


Building S1

Building S2


Palais Wilson