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Provide your Feedback

We value your feedback on your conference experience. Please write to us:

Every year, some 10-12 meetings are selected for participation in a more in-depth survey. The respective meeting secretariats will be contacted by the Evaluation, Analysis and Monitoring Section of the Division of Conference Management in advance for coordination.

Participants' satisfaction survey

Secretariats who would like UN Geneva to deploy an online satisfaction survey for participants during one of their meetings are invited to contact us. Your input is very valuable to us and will help to evaluate and improve our services. 

Please let us know if you would like a few questions specific to your meeting to be included in the standard survey as an additional section. Questions that may add value to your work could, for instance, be about which agenda items participants found most relevant or which aspects in the conduct of the meeting should be changed for your next session.

To ensure that your questions can be added to the survey platform (MS Forms) in the appropriate format, please send us the proposed questions in English and French (along with response options for multiple-choice questions) as early as possible and no later than two weeks prior to the start of your meeting. UN Geneva will provide a simple summary of the responses received within four weeks of the conclusion of your meeting. Kindly note that the questions and responses will be automatically included in the summary of all survey responses that will be posted publicly. Thank you!


UN Geneva's Fully Automated Speech to Text (FAST) project partnered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to customize their proprietary speech recognition tool for UN Geneva conferences and provide automatic transcription of meeting recordings. The FAST transcripts, powered by WIPO AI, are offered in English, French and Spanish. Arabic, Chinese and Russian transcripts will be added throughout 2023. The word-aligned transcriptions appear automatically next to the respective audio recordings of all public calendar meetings on the redesigned Digital Recordings Portal.

During the current trial period the service is offered free of charge. The transcripts are delivered without any human post-editing and are not completely verbatim. They do not constitute an official record and are provided for the convenience and reference of delegates and meeting organizers. Further, the transcripts do not affect the mandates of those entities that are entitled to official records, such as summary records or verbatim records. For any questions, please contact