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Meeting requests have to be submitted through gMeets, the electronic meetings scheduling and resource allocation system. Many permanent missions have focal points with active gMeets accounts who can submit meeting requests. To find out about your focal point or have a new account set up (in case there is no focal point), please contact the Meetings Management Section (MMS).

Once the gMeets request is submitted, MMS will verify the information provided and may revert to clarify details or ask for further specifications related to the services needed. MMS will inform the client about the prospective costs of their request.


gMeets is a platform via which conference facilities and services are managed. This integrated application is a standard for conference management across all UN duty stations that support global standardized business processes and requirements. gMeets allows for global online booking of meeting rooms and conference services and provides conference planners and clients with online registration and self-servicing capabilities.

gMeets has been re-engineered on a modern platform as the web application for electronic booking of meeting services of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi. 

Any request for conference facilities and services at UN Geneva needs to be registered in gMeets, and hence anyone requesting these services can use gMeets. The Meetings Management Section at UN Geneva will provide the necessary guidance and assistance.

Once a request is submitted in gMeets, you can no longer make amendments. Should this be necessary, please contact the Meetings Management Section directly. If the additional services are requested, they will be accommodated depending on availability.

Room bookings can be cancelled until the beginning of the scheduled meeting time. Given the current significantly reduced capacities, a timely cancelation would allow us to reassign the slot to queries from other clients. Also, request on an extrabudgetary provision need to be cancelled two weeks prior to the planned meeting start, as otherwise, costs may still be incurred due to commitments made by service providers (e.g., recruitments).

In principle, UN Geneva is mandated to accommodate the official UN Calendar of Conferences and Meetings, as well as any other official session or event as instructed by senior management. If changes to meeting room bookings have to be made for reasons beyond the control of the Division of Conference Management, the Meetings Management Section will do its outmost to find a suitable alternative room or time slot.

General Contact: 

Phone: +41 22 917 3668

Please always copy to ensure follow-up in case colleagues are on leave.