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To reserve a meeting room and related meeting services, please contact the Meetings Management Section (MMS) with the following details:

  • Date and time of the meeting
  • Number of participants
  • Meeting format (in-person, online, hybrid)
  • Whether the meeting is public or private
  • Context of the meeting (e. g. whether it is held  within the context of a concurrent official UN session)
  • Required services, resources and equipment (e. g. nameplates, interpretation/which languages/webcasting on UN Web TV (for events organized or co-sponsored by UN entities only),  etc.)
  • Name and contact details of meetings organizer and contact person

Depending on availability, a room will be assigned to you and reserved. Once MMS confirms that a meeting room has been reserved, the official meeting room request has to be submitted through gMeets. The conference organizer can now begin to plan the meeting in more detail. MMS will guide conference organizers through the further process of organizing their meeting, in particular if additional service providers need to be contacted.



NB: Due to ongoing major renovations at the Palais des Nations, some of the meeting rooms are subject to change regarding their availability, capacity or functionalities. The Meetings Management Section can give you updated information about all meeting rooms. 

General Contact: 

Phone: +41 22 917 3668

Please always copy to ensure follow-up in case colleagues are on leave.


Meetings are normally held between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on working days. Meetings cannot be scheduled on official holidays or after 6 p.m.

Requests can be submitted at any time. For requests with conference services, however, availability of services needs to be checked and the respective cost estimate has to be approved in due time; a late acceptance of the latter may lead to the non-availability of queried services.

Room bookings can be cancelled until the beginning of the scheduled meeting time. Given the current significantly reduced capacities, a timely cancelation would allow us to reassign the slot to queries from other clients. Also, request on an extrabudgetary provision need to be cancelled two weeks prior to the planned meeting start, as otherwise, costs may still be incurred due to commitments made by service providers (e.g., recruitments).

You are welcome to indicate your preference for a specific conference room when first contacting the Meetings Management Section (MMS) or the focal point in your organization. Room allocation depends on room availability, and the queried conference room may not be available. MMS will always assign the best available option.