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Overview of our services

Our publishing team offers design and printing services for a wide range of products, materials and formats. You can request these as a package or as individual services. We also distribute the publications to your desired recipients. Under certain circumstances, photography and videography services can be provided for your event as well. Please contact the publishing team directly to discuss your needs and ideas. See our portfolio for testimonials, samples of our work, and more. 

Design and Layout

From your idea to the design of products for print or digital, our design team takes care of your project. Our designers use all their know-how to process your content and adapt the graphic style of your communication. 

Multilingual Products

Our team specializing in publication layout and multimedia products can handle your work in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian. Layout in Arabic and Chinese for non-official and extra-budgetary publications is subject to prior content analysis. Official UN publications are processed by the word processing units.

Digital Products

We produce a wide range of online and digital products, for example:

  • Social media images, TEAMS backgrounds, Phone screens, video totems,...
  • Web PDFs and Interactive PDFs
  • Micro websites
  • Digital signage

Examples of Design Works

Printed Products



Our production team works with cutting-edge high-speed digital and offset printing presses to produce work ranging from conference documents through flyers and posters to professional annual reports and flagship publications.

Print finishing

Our production team also provides professional print finishing services so your flyer can be folded to your chosen format, your poster will be accurately cut to size or your report can be bound using the most appropriate manner such as saddle-stitched or perfect-bound.

Large formats

We facilitate large format printing requests from posters to banners, backdrops to roll ups, to ensure that your event or your message is striking and effective.

Inclusive and accessible

Since 2001, braille embossing equipment has been installed in our workshop. Staff are experienced in producing English, French and Spanish conference documents in braille.

A selection of UNOG publications, neatly aligned


A camera directed towards a speaking situation in a conference room.


The Design and Production Section provides photo and filming services for your meetings and conferences. This includes photo and video shooting, photo and video editing, as well as captioning and animations. We also produce impactful videos prior to your conference, adding visuals to the event itself. However, the Section does not provide filming or streaming of entire conferences.

Reach out to our office to discuss the details of your request. 

How to obtain a service

Clients share their requirements and expectations with UN Geneva. For printed products, the Design and Production Section will provide professional advice on the technical specifications and materials to be used. A quotation will be sent to the client and the client’s Finance Manager or authorized personnel signs the quotation and sends it to UN Geneva. Then the client raises a formal request via gDoc by attaching all the relevant files and specifying key requirements in the request, including distribution-related requirements. UNOG then reviews and validates the final files and prepares a proof copy for client’s final approval before sending them for printing. The review and validation of client files should start early to ensure timely delivery.

For design and layout, web and multimedia products, usually designers from the Design and Production Section exchange with the clients to analyze their needs and propose solutions. Once agreements are reached and the scope of work is defined, a quotation will be sent to the client who has to accept it before work on the product can begin. The designers will provide templates and proof copies for the clients’ approval at different stages of the project.


The usual turnaround time for printing publications, technical reports and outreach materials are between two to three weeks for existing clients, for a print-run between 50 copies to 3,000 copies. This is calculated from the date the client submits the final print-ready file to the date the products are printed and ready for collection.

All clients, including non-regular clients and new clients, are strongly encouraged to contact well in advance to book a production slot. Clients need to prepare files in the right format for printing, which should be factored in when calculating preparation time.

Clients who require printing service as part of the conference service need to contact UN Geneva well in advance to ensure that all payments can be processed in time.


In general, the printing, design and layout, web and multimedia services are provided to international organizations based in Geneva; international organizations based in other duty stations may also request such services from UN Geneva.

Conference organizers and diplomatic missions based in Geneva can also request such service as part of the whole package of conference services. They can contact the Design and Printing Section of UN Geneva at

UN Geneva provides services such as the development of microsites, display of interactive information on TV screens, photography, videography, drone footage, and 3D printing of established 3D modules, etc. The microsites are usually developed to promote important publications of clients.

Yes, UN Geneva supports its clients in printing all kinds of outreach and promotional materials. This includes but is not limited to banners, flyers, leaflets, post cards, small and large posters, roll-ups, stickers, calendars, bookmarks, etc.

Yes, the Printing Section can print large and small quantities of publications. Small quantities may be printed on short notice, i.e., with a turnaround time of one to two weeks. Please contact for advice. 

Material printed by the UN Geneva Conference Services can be sent to locations in or outside Geneva upon request. This service can be requested when placing the printing request and is subject to cost recovery. For more details, please contact us at

Printed publications and other paper promotional materials can be printed on-site on a cost-recovery basis. To ship documents to UN Geneva, please contact the Meetings Management Section or the Distribution team. Please also coordinate with us to discuss the timelines for the shipment and the recipient address. 

Please contact to obtain a quotation for the cost of printing. UN Geneva colleagues managing this email will direct you to the relevant Design and Multimedia Unit colleagues to discuss your specific needs and requirements, before a quotation is prepared.