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    1. The President/CEO or Chief Administrative Officer of an NGO should send a signed letter to the NGO Liaison Unit with the request for cancellation;
    2. If the grounds pass has already been withdrawn from the Pregny gate, it needs to be returned to us - either to the Security officers at the Pregny gate or to the NGO Liaison Unit, in person or by mail to:
      NGO Liaison Unit
      Office of the Director-General, Rooms 143/145
      Palais des Nations
      CH-1211 Geneva 10
  • Please visit the website for the NGO Branch, Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination, UN DESA.

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  • Please be at the Pregny Gate 30 minutes before your tour to allow time for security screening and transfer to the Visitors’ Center.  

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  • Guided tours are available throughout the year in 14 languages. The lecture tour will take you through the Palais, where you will see many works of art. You will also learn about the aims and work of the United Nations. To reserve a tour visit Visitors Center page.

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    The entrance for guided tours is at Pregny Gate, (in front of the Red Cross Museum).

    The exit is also through this gate.                     


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  • The Visitors’ Service at UNOG organizes lecture tours in 12 languages and information programmes on United Nations activities, the history of the Organization and the issues on its agenda.

    For more information, see the section of the web site about the Palais des Nations. The UNOG Annual Report provides a comprehensive yearly overview of the work of UNOG, including key statistical information.

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  • All participants need to register from the age of 14 years onwards.

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  • Getting to the Palais des Nations:
    Enter the Palais des Nations through the Visitor's entrance at Pregny Gate, on 14 Avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneva in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross building and next to the Geneva Hotel School.

    Public transport:
    Transports Publics Genevois
    Palais des Nations transit stop are Appia and Nations.

    Access from Cornavin railway station:

    • Bus lines 8, 20, 60 ("Appia" stop)
    • Bus line 5 or tram line 15 (“Nations” stop), then a 5 minutes' walk to Pregny Gate

    Access from Cointrin airport:

    • Bus line 5 (“Nations” stop), then a 5 minutes' walk to Pregny Gate
    • Other bus lines with stop at “Nations”: 11 and 22, then a 5 minutes' walk to Pregny Gate


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  • Please read your confirmation ticket(s) carefully.  

    As soon as you receive your ticket(s), every person in your group needs to register in order to receive a digital access badge. The access badge received by e-mail will have to be presented upon arrival at the Palais des Nations on the day of your tour. Please register as soon as you receive your ticket(s) on Indico, our events registration system.


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  • To organize an event with Cultural Activities Programme: All proposals need to come from either a Permanent Mission or an International Organization. The Cultural Activities Committee (CAC) reviews and approves all new proposals at least three months prior to the actual event to allow enough time for the organization. Events in the frameworks of Cultural Activities have to be artistic in nature (e.g. paintings, concerts, artistic photography, etc.)

    All proposals have to be in line with UN values, shall not single out any Member States and shall not be too graphic. Venues can be pre-reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and will be confirmed once the CAC has approved the project. In case a project does not fit into the frameworks of Cultural Activities, it could be organized as a Side Event to a meeting or conference at the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG).

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  • The Library is located inside the United Nations compound in Geneva, in Building B of the Palais des Nations.

    Getting to the Palais des Nations:

    Entry for visitors is possible at Peace Gate and the Pregny Pavilion bis from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. after passing through security screening. 

    Public transport: Transports Publics Genevois
    Palais des Nations transit stops are Appia and Nations.
    Access from Cornavin railway station:

    • Bus lines : 8, 20, 60 (“Appia” stop), then a 5 minutes' walk to the Pregny Gate (Pass & ID accreditation services), or directly to the Peace Gate
    • Bus 5 or tramway 15 (“Nations” stop)

    Access from Cointrin airport:

    • Bus lines: 5 (“Nations” stop) 

    Other bus lines with stop at “Nations”:

    • Bus lines 11 and 22.

    Reminder for all external attendees: If you are not in possession of a UN badge, you should register to the event of your choice on, and bring a valid ID on the day of the event to the UN visitors entrance, the Peace Gate.

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  • To visit an ongoing exhibition, please follow the normal procedures either registering through the e-mail address or the link provided on the flyer for the event. You can also visit our website for an overview of upcoming events and register directly there.

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  • Every year, an NGO can designate up to seven representatives to obtain UNOG annual grounds passes (valid until 31 December).

    An NGO can have:

    1. One (1) designation as “President/ Chief Executive Officer” (Head of the NGO);

    2. One (1) designation as “Chief Administrative Officer” (Second Head of the NGO who can act on behalf of the President/CEO);

    3. One (1) designation as “Main representative” (who can act on behalf of the President/CEO and CAO, with limited or without accrediting rights);

    4. Maximum four designations with the representative type as “Additional representative”. NGOs need to attribute these designations to their representatives who might have different functional titles within the NGO (e.g. an NGO’s Executive Director could be designated as “Chief Administrative Officer” or an NGO’s Project Officer could be designated as “Additional representatives”).

    When communicating with the NGO Liaison Unit, NGO representatives are invited to refer themselves to the four representative types recognized by the UN mentioned above and as designated in the iCSO database.

    It is compulsory to designate the President/CEO or the Chief Administrative Officer at the beginning of each year. There can only be one President and one Chief Administrative Officer for all three duty stations (New York, Geneva and Vienna). Main and additional representatives may vary from one duty station to another.

    An NGO can also request temporary grounds passes for a maximum duration of three months, renewable once. The NGO Liaison Unit reserves the right to apply limitations to the number of temporary grounds passes requested based on capacity or security constraints, and NGOs may be requested to provide relevant justifications.

    Find more information about the UN Geneva NGO Liaison Unit

  • Follow the steps as outlined on our web page. Tip: In the iCSO database, you may select “Copy” next to the name of your representative, update his/her details, and press “Submit”. This can only be done when the existing pass has already expired. If not, create a new profile for yourself by clicking on “New Designation” twice, and then fill out the boxes and press “Submit.”

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  • Most likely, your request for accreditation with UNOG has not been finalized. Make sure to finalize your request (follow steps as outlined on our web page). We need 3 working days to process and approve your request, so make sure not to leave this till the last moment or you may not be able to get to Palais des Nations in time for an event.

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  • You can check the status of your request by logging into your NGO profile in the iCSO database at If your name is listed under “Geneva designations”, it means we have approved the issuance of your grounds pass. If your name is still listed as "pending", it means we have not approved it yet. Please verify that you have finalized all required steps as outlined on our web page. When the NGO Liaison Unit approves your request, you will receive an automatic confirmation sent to the email address registered in your profile in the iCSO database, stating when and where to pick up your grounds pass.

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  • Once your UNOG grounds pass has been approved by the NGO Liaison Unit, you are welcome to pick up your grounds pass (entry badge) on weekdays, from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the Pregny Gate, Building F, 8 - 14 Avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneva 10, upon presentation of a valid picture ID.

    From the moment your grounds pass has been approved, there is no deadline to collect it prior to the expiration date. 


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  • Should there be any change with regard to the presidency of your NGO during the calendar year, you are to inform the NGO Branch of DESA in New York first through the "Contact us" section of the while uploading the relevant documentation for the recognition of the new president. The NGO Liaison Unit will only be able to recognize the new president of the NGO once the request has been accepted by the NGO Branch of DESA. If the change of president occurs at the beginning of the year, at a time when an NGO is renewing its annual accreditation, the NGO should simply register the new president in the iCSO database and send us the designation letter signed by the new president.

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  • No. Please make sure you enter correct information (spelling as in ID/passport, date and year of birth, etc.).

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  • You can book your tour online. As tour capacities are limited, please make sure to book early. 

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  • The Security and Safety Service has three wheelchairs that can be made available for visiting adults with reduced mobility. They are located at the Peace Gate, Pregny Gate and Door 40. Another two pediatric wheelchairs can be made available for visiting children with reduced mobility, one at Peace Gate and one at Pregny Gate. If a participant knows in advance that he or she will require a wheelchair, he/she can make a note when registering on Indico.UN and they will be booked for them in particular. The wheelchairs offered by the Security and Safety Service require someone to assist the individuals using them.

    The Visitors Center has another two wheelchairs available. They can be booked through the Visitors Center.

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