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The Appendix D to the Staff Rules covers staff members for work related death, injury or illness attributable to the performance of official duties on behalf of the United Nations. 

Depending on the nature of the clinical elements and circumstances, staff members may be entitled to receive reimbursement of medical expenses. In cases where a permanent loss of function is involved, staff members may be entitled to compensation.

Information for claims

Compensation Claims Unit

The Compensation Claims Unit at the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) is responsible for addressing compensation claims falling under the Appendix D to the Staff Rules for the organisations listed below. A delegation of authority has been granted by the Secretary-General in order to treat claims up to a certain amount, which are not deemed as complex, or which are expressly delegated from the Advisory Board on Compensation Claims (ABCC) in New York. If a claim surpasses the Compensation Claims Unit’s delegated authority, it is submitted to the ABCC in New York for the Secretary-General’s consideration. In such cases, the Compensation Claims Unit remains the point of contact for the staff member.

Staff members of UNOG, ITC, UNHCR, OHCHR, UNECE, OCHA (administered in Geneva), UNCTAD, UNFCCC, UNDP (administered in Geneva), UNICEF (administered in Geneva), UNIDIR, UNISDR, UNCCD, UNEP, and UNCC wishing to file a claim must do so with the Compensation Claims Unit in Geneva, through their human resource officer. Staff members of other organizations should check with their human resources department who will advise where to file their claim.

Am I Covered

Staff members wishing to file a claim for compensation under the Appendix D to the Staff Rules must notify the Compensation Claims Unit as soon as possible after the incident by email to contact us. The claim must be filed within one year of the onset of the illness, injury, or death.

Interns and persons employed by the United Nations under a special service agreement are not covered under the Appendix D, unless otherwise expressly stated under the terms of their contract.

how to file a claim

compensation claim

Complete the Form | Have it Certified | Ask physician to complete last page | Submit to compensation claims unit

Claim Details

A person wishing to file a claim must duly complete the Claim for Compensation e-form and have it certified by her/his human resource officer. The original claim form should be sent to the Compensation Claims Unit. The last page of the form is to be completed by the claimant’s treating physician. Please note that if the claim form is not duly completed, the claim will be returned for completion. If a claim is submitted after the one year deadline, the claim will be rejected. Only in cases of demonstrated medical incapacity will a waiver of the deadline be considered.

How to submit medical bills

Medical Bill Details

Detailed instructions on the electronic form. All medical bills claimed under the Appendix D to the Staff Rules should be submitted in original form along with proof of payment. Appendix D to the Staff Rules does not entitle staff members to receive reimbursement or compensation from any other source. As such, if medical bills have been submitted to the staff members’ insurance company(ies) – including complementary insurance, then the reimbursement of medical bills will be at most the difference between what has been reimbursed by the insurance(s) and the total amount of the medical bill(s). It is the claimant’s responsibility to provide all requested information, copies of medical bills, reimbursement advices, etc.

more information

How long does it take to process a claim?

The time needed to treat a claim varies greatly depending on its complexity.  Please contact the Compensation Claims Unit if you have filed a claim and would like to know its status. 

Can I claim the loss of personal effects?

The Appendix D to the Staff Rules covers staff members in case of death, illness or injury and is limited to the person. Claims for loss of or damage to personal effects, in accordance with the provisions of ST/AI/149/Rev.4, should be submitted directly to the Secretary of the local claims committee of the Financial Resources Management Service, UNOG.

Where can I get more information?

Appendix D to the Staff Rules is the legal basis for compensation claims in the event of death, injury or illness attributable to the performance of official duties on behalf of the United Nations. Additional information can also be found on the UN intranet (iSeek) and your human resources officer.