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In addition to administrative functions for our own entity, UN Geneva’s Division of Administration supports more than 30 other UN entities principally based in Geneva, Bonn and Turin, and some 90 field offices worldwide.

Our services to them comprise human resource management, financial resource management, ‘central support’ (facilities, purchase and operational support) and information and communications technology.

Administrative Services

UN Geneva contributes administrative support in a variety of forms to UN entities, funds, programmes and specialized agencies all over the world. Here are a few highlights of the services we provide.

People management and capacity building

  • We provide UN personnel with the contracts they need to work, managing some 4,500 staff contracts across more than 25 UN entities.
  • We develop and invest in the international community by welcoming more than 9,000 participants to our learning activities each year, including UN personnel, member state representatives and members of civil society.
  • We also provide legal advisory services to 22 UN entities.

Financial management

  • We help keep UN financial matters in order, by providing services, advice and guidance in finance and budget to UN Geneva and select UN entities.
  • This includes payroll services to more than 5,000 UN personnel, and medical insurance services to some 26,000 staff, retirees and their dependents globally.
  • Our financial management team also processes more than 300,000 payments and administers more than 5,500 grants per year.

Facilities and property management

  • We keep our international conferencing facility - the Palais des Nations and its parks and gardens - maintained and operating smoothly. This includes both the physical facilities and technical installations.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Part of UN Geneva, the Regional Technology Centre for Europe, provides IT and communication-related services to UN Secretariat offices and programmes in Geneva and the European region.
  • The Regional Technology Centre team maintains the UN Geneva network and data center, comprising more than 400 servers and 7,000 work stations. We also support some 7,000 fixed telephone connections and 1,000 mobile users, while providing support to more than 1,700 video teleconferences per year.