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Who can participate in a meeting at the United Nations?

A wide range of different meetings are held every day at UN Geneva. Their content may vary vastly, and so does the audience. It is in the hands of the meeting organizer to determine who will be admitted to a given meeting. Most meeting participants belong to one of the following groups: Member (or Observer) States, UN entities, NGOs, media, academia or specialists in the field, or specific invited guests and speakers. Interested parties need to register for an event through the online platform Indico.UN. In most cases, the organizer will have to approve the registration in order to confirm participation. 

Private persons do usually not have the right to attend official meetings at the UN. There are, however, a number of events, such as the commemoration of international days or cultural events, which are open to the public. Please check our events page for upcoming celebrations.

Individuals can also visit UN Geneva in the context of a guided tour, during which they will have the chance to see the meeting rooms and possibly witness a meeting taking place. Persons interested in a specific meeting or conference can follow the meetings online or read up on their outcomes through one of the many channels UN Geneva provides. 

What is Indico.UN?

Indico.UN is the dedicated registration, participants and access management tool of UN Geneva. Meeting organizers can create an event page on Indico.UN on which they publish all essential information relating to the meeting: timing and venue, background information and documents, a registration form, practical information on, e.g. access and access restrictions to the UN, issuance of participants' badges, invitation to speaking engagements etc. 

Everyone wishing to participate in an event taking place at UN Geneva needs to register through Indico.UN. A number of events organized by the UN in other locations are equally organized through Indico.UN.

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Meetings Documentation


Meetings held at UN Geneva are published on different channels. Interested parties can follow live or review the outcomes at a later point. A list of all channels (documents, audio or video files) can be found here: 

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