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A person taking a photo on a mobile phone of a meeting taking place. Only the phone screen is clear, the rest of the image is blurry.

Whether you are a delegate, a UN staff, an NGO representative or a member of the public: You might be interested in a meeting which you can't attend in person for one reason or another. The UN is committed to transparency about the processes and the outcomes of our meetings and conferences whenever there are no restrictions due to security or confidentiality considerations. 

Therefore, we provide different options to follow the meetings at UN Geneva remotely and be informed about the decisions made. Here is an overview of audio-visual resources and meeting documentation provided by the UN. 

Follow live

António Guterres, Secretary-Journalists & cameramen at a press conference for the High-Level Ministerial Event on the Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan


Live, gavel-to-gavel, multilingual webcast coverage of selected UN meetings on the global UN Web TV platform allows the public to follow multilateral discussions and experience the work of the UN in real time. The videos remain available on the platform for on-demand viewing.​ ​In Geneva, UN Human Rights Council and UN Human Rights Treaty Body meetings are webcast on UN Web TV. Other meetings can be webcast depending on the availability of the team.

Headset lying on a table

Listen live

Listen to public meetings live on your device: this service provides live streaming for public meetings from the United Nations Office at Geneva. It is not available for private meetings. 

Meeting documentation

An interpreter speaking into the microphone while following a meeting on a small screen in her cabin.

Digital Recordings

Audio recordings to all public meetings are uploaded to UN Geneva's Digital Recordings Portal within an hour after the meeting ends. The recordings are available in original language and in all languages for which interpretation services have been requested. A transcript of the recordings is also available.

The recording of the proceedings of private meetings are password protected and can be requested via mail. 

Somebody sitting with the back to the audience, only the arm is seen. The person is writing notes, a laptop standing next to the notebook.

Meeting Summaries

The UN Information Service provides meeting summaries of major meetings happening in Geneva, including the sessions of the Human Rights Council, the human rights committees, and the Conference on Disarmament.


Meeting Documents

The Official Document System (ODS) is an online database of UN documents. ODS has full-text, born-digital UN documents published from 1993 onward, including documents of the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and their subsidiaries, as well as administrative issuances and other documents.

The database also includes scanned documents published between 1946 and 1993, including all resolutions of the principal organs, all documents of the Security Council and the General Assembly Official Records. Documents are available in the official languages of the UN; some documents are also available in German.

A UN document in Spanish is lying on a table, a pen on top of it.

Daily Documents

See the latest documents published by the United Nations. The Daily Documents platform is constantly updated and allows its users to have an overview of all documents issued in the course of the day.