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Geneva Peace talks

Be one of the 120,000 visitors who take the tour of the Palais des Nations each year and learn about the United Nations and the United Nations in Geneva.

The facility, an outstanding testimony to twentieth century architecture, is situated in the beautiful Ariana park in Geneva, Switzerland. 


The United Nations Office at Geneva is a centre of multilateral diplomacy that provides a dynamic platform for collaboration, dialogue and action on global priorities. It is the representative office of the Secretary-General in Switzerland and the second largest UN duty station, with more than 1,500 staff representing close to 120 nationalities.

Serving as a focal point for multilateral diplomacy, UN Geneva provides services to more than 12,000 meetings every year, with nearly 128,000 delegates and visitors annually at the Palais des Nations.

DG Briefing Member States
Alley of Flags

Permanent missions were established, as part of the in the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which recognized that such practices contribute to the development of friendly relations among nations, irrespective of their differing constitutional and social systems. The United Nations is comprised of 193 Member States, of which 179 permanent missions of Member States are accredited to United Nations Office at Geneva. 


The United Nations Information Service in Geneva is the voice of the United Nations Office at Geneva which informs the world about Geneva’s unique role in international relations.

It is also conveys the official position of the United Nations on matters in the news through its briefings, official statements, interviews and background briefings. It provides both breaking news and in-depth material to international print and audiovisual media.




The goal for UN Geneva is to provide efficient, effective and expert procurement services, while achieving best value for money and ensuring a competitive, fair and transparent process in accordance with established regulations, rules and procedures. UN Geneva provides purchasing and contracting services to several UN offices located in Europe, Africa and Middle East.The United Nations represents a global market of over USD 17 billion annually for all types of products and services.

Civil Society

Partnering with civil society advances the goals of the United Nations and helps support its work. The UN system relies on the expertise and active engagement of civil society and Non-Governmental organizations at all levels. UN Geneva nurtures and supports this engagement, which keeps growing in substance and in numbers.

Civil Society

Students and Researchers

PCP Youth

Throughout the year the Information Service organizes information programmes which serve the purpose of creating a better understanding of the many activities of the United Nations and its specialized agencies based in Geneva.

The programmes are prepared for groups of at least twenty people coming from all parts of the world and composed of university students, diplomats, public servants and representatives of non-governmental organizations or other associations. The programme may have a duration of one day or may be spread over a week.


The world looks to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems everywhere; from the promotion of lasting peace and advancing disarmament, to defending human rights, alleviating poverty and combating climate change. The issues on our agenda are manifold and diverse as are the careers we offer.