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How to make a call


+41 22 91 + extention



EMERGENCY (Fire, Medical, Security) in the Palais


(only from a landline within the Palais)

+41 22 91 72900

(from mobile phones)

Your focal point

A meetings services assistant has been assigned for each meeting by UN Geneva. The meeting services assistant is your first point of contact and is available inside the conference room for your questions at the beginning of the meeting. Should you have urgent requests while the meetings services assistant is not in the room, please contact the meetings coordination. 



Computer, mouse, keyboards, printers, login, software, WIFI

(support provided for UN Geneva equipment only)


Room temperature, lights, electrical equipment, cleaning, earphones


Audio/video conferencing


Microphones, screens, displays


Badges, accreditation, access


General security


Security Control Center


Official documents


Room requests and other conference services, exceptional extension of meeting time


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