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  • UNOG stands for the United Nations Office at Geneva. UNOG is the representative office of the United Nations Secretary-General at Geneva and it is the largest United Nations office after United Nations Headquarters in New York.

  • In addition to representational and liaison functions with Member States, non-governmental organizations, host country authorities and other United Nations entities based in Geneva, the Office provides conference services to over 8,000 meetings every year and administrative services to many United Nations entities based in Geneva and elsewhere.

  • The United Nations family comprises a large number of intergovernmental organizations, specialized agencies, programmes, funds, offices and research institutes as well as related organizations. Many of these organizations have a presence in Geneva. UNOG is a member of this wider United Nations family in Geneva and cooperates closely with many of the United Nations entities present here. For more information, see the section of the web site devoted to the UN Family in Geneva.

  • Approximately 1,600 people work for UNOG. Around 8,500 staff work for the wider United Nations Family in Geneva.