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What is RSS?

Staying up to date is not always an easy task: The flood of information accessible online has made it difficult to quickly identify content that is relevant and interesting for you.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a service that helps filter news, headlines, blog posts and other important information from selected sources and delivers them to your digital doorstep. It can help you subscribe to and receive instantaneous updates on subjects such as UN press releases and meeting summaries.

After signing up for a specific RSS feed, you will receive a notification whenever a new article has been published. You can also use our RSS feeds to display the latest news from UN Geneva on your own website or personal page.

How can you subscribe to an RSS feed?

There are several different ways to access and subscribe to RSS feeds. You can use an RSS Reader (also called a News Reader), your web browser, or your email programme.

RSS Reader

RSS Reader applications are a popular choice, as many of them allow you to download and display RSS feeds on both your computer and mobile device. You can find a large variety of RSS Reader offerings online, in both free and commercial formats.

Web browser

Several web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari, now offer the ability to access and subscribe to RSS feeds, often with the help of an extension or add-on.


You may be able to use your mail service provider to subscribe to RSS feeds. As an example, instructions for Microsoft Outlook can be found here.