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A press briefing at the Palais des Nations: Several UN staff sit in front of the UN logo, face to face with journalists.

The UN Information Service provides comprehensive meeting summaries of the sessions of the Human Rights Council, the human rights treaty bodies, and the Conference on Disarmament. These summaries, delivered in English and French by press officers and editors, are promptly sent within two hours of the final gavel to the media, Permanent Missions, NGOs, academia, and the public. They can also be found on the UN Geneva and OHCHR websites.

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The United Nations Information Service Geneva covers a range of activities taking place at the United Nations Office at Geneva, from meeting of the Human Rights Council and peace talks to other major conferences and events. Accredited journalists can participate in bi-weekly briefings chaired by the UN Geneva spokesperson and attended by the spokespeople of UN funds, programmes and specialized agencies based in Geneva. Correspondents also have access to scheduled press conferences, stakeouts and background briefings on an almost daily basis.

The UN Information Service also regularly issues press releases and meeting summaries of major meetings happening in Geneva, including the sessions of the Human Rights Council, the human rights committees, and the Conference on Disarmament. Facilities for the media include free or rented workspaces and access to radio and television studios and services, upon availability.

An overview of the communication published by the Information Service can be found on this page. To navigate directly to a specific format, please click on the respective button below. 

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