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Spanish language week 2022


Spanish Language Week Celebration

Starting 10 October 2022 


You are warmly invited to take part in the exciting activities that we have lined up at UNOG to mark the upcoming Spanish Language Week, including two photo exhibitions (on display for two weeks in the Palais), an evening concert followed by a reception, and a cultural event organized by UNIGE and the Fundación María Zambrano. See full details below.

All events are open to the public; attendees that do not have access to the Palais can register via indico. (Please note: there are two separate registration links included in the program bellow.)

If you wish to show your support for Spanish Language Week, you are welcome to use this Teams background especially designed for the occasion.



  • Photo exhibitions:  Cordel-Trashumancia Viva by Mr. Antolín Avezuela; and España con otro enfoque by Mr. Rodolfo Romero - 10-21 October, Building E, Door 40, 2nd floor, Mezzanine

Mr Antolín Avezuela specialises in photo reportage and has a background in Illustration, graphic arts and graphic advertising. In particular, he has worked on social and environmental projects.

Rodolfo Romero is an ER doctor and teaches medicine at the European University of Madrid. Passionate about photography, he uses his spare time to contribute to solidarity projects with his talent, as evidenced by España con otro enfoque.  

  • Peruvian music concert by the group « Al Toque Mestizo » - 12 October at 6.30 pm, Room XX

The five members of this Geneva-based group explore their Latin American roots through the sounds, rhythms and poetry of Peruvian music.

After the concert, Mr. Antolín Avezuela, photographer of Cordel-Trashumancia Viva, will give a presentation, followed by cocktails

Indico registration for external participants here.

  • Cultural event "VII Encuentro Internacional María Zambrano” - 13 October at 9.00 am, Room XX

Organized by the Université de Genève and the Fundación María Zambrano

The event is devoted to María Zambrano, illustrious essayist and philosopher from Vélez-Málaga, Spain, and includes lectures, round tables and a documentary focusing on her life and work. It is a two-day event. The first day will take place in Palais des Nations and the second in Université de Genève.

Indico registration for external participants here.

  • And more for your interest

As part of the Spanish Language Week, there are many other activities organized outside the Palais des Nations. You can find out more here: SLW