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The Common Procurement Activities Group (CPAG) is a voluntary interagency procurement network composed of Geneva-based UN entities and international organizations. The aim of the Group is to build more effective, coherent and better-performing procurement practices and to lower cost of commonly required goods and services for all its members.

Recently, CPAG has reported total estimated cost efficiencies of more than USD $180 Million with its common contracts such as travel management services, mobile telephone services and furniture. The number of common contracts increased by over 70% since 2013.

CPAG Organizational Structure

CPAG Secretariat

The Chairperson of the Common Procurement Activities Group (CPAG) provides leadership and ensures that the Management Board functions resourcefully.

UN Geneva manages the CPAG Secretariat, which consists of a Secretary and a Secretariat Coordinator.

The Management Board, which takes all actions related to CPAG’s mandate, is comprised of senior representatives from the Member Organizations.