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I have been approved as a UNOG PTS vendor but I have never been invited to a bid.

One reason why your company has never been invited to bid may be that the product or service you offer is rarely required by UNOG, and we simply have no need to buy it. You may also wish to check the UNGM Upcoming Business Opportunities web page regularly. Buyers search for potential vendors based on the United Nations Standard Product and Services Code (UNSPSC) indicated in your application to UNGM. Accurate selection of UNSPSC codes that describe your core products and services, and which are in line with the tender requirements of UNOG, will increase the likelihood of your company being invited to bids. Regularly checking the UNGM website to review open procurement opportunities and expressing your interest in these directly is another way to ensure that your company is invited to participate in tenders. It is possible to sign up for the Tender Alert Service on the UNGM website which will ensure that all procurement opportunities matching the UNSPSC codes selected in your UNGM account are e-mailed to you. Please review the General Business Guide on UNGM for more information.