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Arabic language Day 2022

Arabic: one tongue… many languages 


13-16 December 2022 Visit exhibitions at the Palais  

Venue: exhibition area outside Rooms XXV – XXVI  


- “Drawing a language” Calligraphy art exhibition by Maryam Altamimi, Calligrapher 

 - “Threads of language” - Palestinian embroidery exhibition, accompanied by a video to run continuously  


13 December at 1.30 p.m. Join the conversation 

Venue : Building E, Door 40, 1st floor, Room XXVI  

  • Welcome and opening statement  by:  Ms. Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General United Nations Office at Geneva 
  • Ms. Kira Kruglikova, Director Division of Conference Management  

Introduction by the moderator Ms. Cherine Haidar Ahmad  

  • Panel discussion with Ms. Hoda Barakat, novelist and winner of the Arabic Booker Prize and Mr. Farouk Mardam-Bey, author, editor and director of the «Sindbad» collection from Actes Sud,  

  • Dr Nabil Bahjat, author, founder and Executive Director of the Egyptian Traditional “Aragoz” and Shadow Puppetry Festival, intervention and video of a Shadow performance with subtitling 

  • Poetry by Mr. Manaf Mohamed  

  • Musical performance by Mr. Zaid Tayem (Oud) and Mr. Mohamed Assi  


14 December  12.30-2 p.m. Learn a new skill 

Venue: exhibition area outside rooms XXV - XXVI 

Calligraphy workshop by Ms. Maryam Altamimi 


Arabic dishes at the cafeteria on 13 December 

Organized with the support of the UNOG Arabic Book Club