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Arabic language Day 2022


Arabic: one tongue… many languages

13 - 16 December 2022


Exhibitions: Caligraphy “Drawing a  language”Maryam Altamimi and Embroidery “Threads of language ”

Video of Ms. Shaikha – to run continuously throughout the week 

Venue: exhibition area outside room 25 – 26



13 December at 1.30 p.m.

  • Opening remarks of the event by
    UNOG Director-General Ms. Tatiana Valovaya and
    Ms. Kira Kruglikova, director of DCM

  • Panel discussion with Ms. Hoda Barakat,
    novelist and winner of the Booker international prizer and Mr. Farouk Mardam-Bey, author, editor and director of the «Sindbad» collection from Actes Sud

  • Dr Nabil Bahjat, intervention and video of theatre Shadow performance with subtitling

With the participation of :
Poet Mr Manaf Mohamed
Music performance by Mr Mohamed Assi

Building E, Door 40, 1st floor, Room XXVI

14 December at lunch time

Calligraphy Workshop by Ms Maryam Altamimi
Venue: exhibition area outside room 25 – 26

Arabic dishes at the cafeteria all week
Organized with the support of the UNOG Arabic Book Club, Eldora