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Déclaration à la presse du Secrétaire général sur la Syrie (en anglais)

Communiqué de presse

I am pleased to announce the agreement of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian Negotiations Commission for a credible, balanced and inclusive Constitutional Committee that will be facilitated by the United Nations in Geneva. I welcome the progress made by the Government and the opposition. My Special Envoy facilitated the agreement in accordance with Security Council resolution 2254 (2015) and will convene the Constitutional Committee in the coming weeks.

I strongly believe that the launch of the Syrian-owned and Syrian-led Constitutional Committee can and must be the beginning of the political path out of the tragedy toward a solution in line with resolution 2254 (2015) that meets the legitimate aspirations of all Syrians and is based on a strong commitment to the country’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity. The Constitutional Committee’s launch and work must be accompanied by concrete actions to build trust and confidence as my Special Envoy discharges his mandate to facilitate a broader political process forward.

I appreciate the diplomatic engagement of the Governments of Russia, Turkey and Iran in supporting the conclusion of the agreement. I am also grateful for the support of the members of the Security Council and the members of the Small Group. I am thankful for the contributions my Special Envoy has received from a wide cross-section of Syrian society, women and men. My Special Envoy will continue to consult extensively in the discharge of his mandate.