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Contract 3

Partial demolition and renovation of the 1970s' buildings in Palais des Nations - Building E - Construction Services: 3000222

EOI UNOG  – Was published from 10 December 2020 until 17 March 2021
Contract period is estimated to be from October 2021 to December 2024.


The SHP project scope entails the renovation of the building E in order to comply with the relevant building regulations. Repairs and upgrades to the deteriorated elements are included to prevent irreversible damage that would have a significant impact on the operations of the United Nations Office at Geneva.

The building will be fully renovated, with priority given to ensuring health and fire safety and accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Priority actions within the project scope to mitigate health and safety risks are as follows:

  1. Correction of all major structural deficiencies, which are most prevalent in the E building;
  2. Implementation of all required fire compartmentalization measures;
  3. Provision of fully accessible fire escape routes and rectification of all other fire code issues, including the replacement of electrical cabling;
  4. Commencement of a comprehensive asbestos abatement programme, prioritizing works at the E building;
  5. Implementation of all necessary technical and architectural upgrades based on current building codes, with a specific focus on safety and accessibility;
  6. Demolition of office floors (floors 4-11)


Purpose of Prequalification

As the first step of the solicitation process, UNOG will conduct a pre-qualification of firms who wish to participate in the solicitation. The pre-qualification phase contains the request for and the submission of the firm's Expression of Interest ("EOI") and the UNOG's assessment of the EOIs received, based on the described requirements and criteria in this document.

The pre-qualification phase aims to obtain confirmation from firms of their interest and willingness to participate in the Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for these works and to provide UNOG all the necessary information to determine, whether or not to invite the firm to participate in the tender process, based on UNOG’s determination if the firm is suitably experienced, qualified to perform the scope of works and that it has the sufficient financial and resource capacity to undertake them.