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The International Geneva Perception Change project aims to highlight the impact of the work done by all of the UN and international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other institutions based in Geneva. Its objective is to broaden the overall understanding of just how relevant the work carried out by International Geneva is, not only in the context of humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping or global health, but also to everyday life.

About the Project


Spearheaded by the UN Geneva Director-General Tatiana Valovaya, the project is managed by a small team at the Office of the Director-General.

The project has over 100 partners including numerous UN agencies and offices, international organizations, NGOs and governmental entities.

The International Geneva Perception Change project was launched by Former Director-General Michael Møller in 2014


Efforts are centred around four main axes: making information accessible, changing the narrative, promoting the work of Geneva-based organizations and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Making information accessible

With the contribution of partner organizations, the Perception Change Project converts complex information into creative communication products for digital and print usage.

SDG Mapping - to see who does what in Geneva towards the Global Goals

International Geneva hosts an incredible number of actors working towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This data visualization tool, created with the contribution of 75 Geneva-based organizations, provides an overview of the expertise that the Geneva ecosystem offers.First developed in 2015, it was  updated in 2018 to better  identify and facilitate synergies.

SDG Mapping is accessible  on an interactive platform at, where you can navigate 10 different areas of expertise for each SDG, and here below in a printable version.

A 3D map – to navigate International Geneva

This 3D map of International Geneva geographically locates all the main international organisations in Geneva and shares its core expertise. By clicking on each 3D building, users can learn more about the work that international Geneva is doing for peace, rights and well-being.

GVAdata - to look for data about Geneva-based organizations

There is a wealth of information out there, but it is often difficult to locate. To overcome this, the GVAData website offers a one-stop portal for those looking for information about the work of International Geneva. Easy to navigate by thematic area and type of organization, it facilitates access to information and fosters collaboration.

Infographics - see the impact of Geneva on your life

Since 2015, a series of "Impact Infographics", made with contributions from partner organizations, shows the impact made by International Geneva on people's lives everywhere. To date, over 40 infographics have been produced, each focusing on a different topic. In 2017, the series added 17 infographics, one for each Global Goal.

Changing the narrative

Through creative communication, the Perception Change Project disseminates positive and impactful stories.

Impact Stories - Good news directly to your email box

Not every impactful story makes the headlines.

To put each story into the spotlight it deserves, this monthly Newsletter allows readers all over the world to hear good news and be informed about the progress made towards peace, rights and well-being.

Read the stories and sign up to receive them by email

The Iceberg - the stories beneath the surface

With so much negative news, we only see the tip of the iceberg. We are thus unaware of all the positive work being done below the surface to tackle global problems.

The Iceberg is a series of nine books, each focused on a different topic. It introduces today's issues to readers and seeks them to become part of the solutions.

Reading for youngsters - taking care of the planet

An elephant and a whale: what do they have in common?
They are both confronting challenges that are affecting their lives. These two books inform children about global issues and inspire them to act for a fairer future for all.

Fairy Tales for a Fairer World - a quest towards the Global Goals

Characters from traditional fairy tales go on a quest towards the Global Goals.

In this anthology of tales that connects older and younger generations, myths collected from around the world are retold with a modern-day twist to teach children about the SDGs.

Promoting the Global Goals and Taking Action

Through events and digital campaigns, the Perception Change Project inspires contributions towards the Global Goals.

Digital storytelling - campaigns on Social Media

The PCP develops social media campaigns to raise awareness, build momentum and engage with diverse audiences.

With 170 animations for social media, the digital part of the #YouNeedToKnow campaign contributes to spreading the word about sustainable consumption and lifestyle, promoting a better future for all.

Match for Solidarity - football stars for the Global Goals

In 2018, the PCP initiated a collaboration between UEFA and UN Geneva, who organized a Match for Solidarity in Geneva.

The match attracted over 23,000 fans. All the proceeds were donated to humanitarian and development projects.


The #YouNeedToKnow campaign - Installations around the world

In 2016, the PCP partnered with Dufry's Duty Free Shop on a global campaign to raise awareness of the Global Goals.

With installations in main airports throughout four continents, the #YouNeedToKnow campaign inspired people to take concrete actions towards the achievement of the Global Goals.

To be part of this global movement towards the Global Goals, read about the 170 actions that everyone can take to contribute to the Global Goals in their daily life.


170 Actions - English



170 Actions to combat climate change

170 actions to combat climate change

As part of the series “170 actions to transform our world”, the PCP has released a new publication that specifically addresses climate change. The “170 actions to combat climate change” lists 10 actions for each global goal that everyone can take in their daily life to protect the environment and help mitigate climate change effects.

SDG Studio

Created in the heart of International Geneva, at the United Nations Office, the SDG Studio Geneva is a powerful tool for communicating the substantive work done by practitioners around the world to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. From the perspectives of a variety of actors in Geneva and beyond, including grassroots organizers, government ministers, UN partners and business leaders, the Studio captures the stories, voices and faces of the global efforts on sustainable development and shares them in a unique visual format.

It is open to individuals from governments, businesses, civil society organisations, and academia - all who are dedicated to delivering the 2030 Agenda. The Studio is a collaboration between the UN Information Service (UNIS) in Geneva, the Perception Change Project (PCP), and the SDG Lab.

Promoting International Geneva

For partner organizations and targeted audiences, the Perception Change Project offers opportunities for working together.

PCP Meet-up - Working together

Once a month, the PCP hosts a meet-up for partner organizations. These meetings provide  opportunities to test innovative ways of communication and generate new projects.

PCP meetup

Public events - in Geneva and the surrounding area

The PCP also encourages the participation of partner organizations in public events to promote peace, rights and well-being and raise awareness  of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2015 and 2018, together with the Eduki Foundation and the Fondation pour Genève, PCP took  International Geneva to the Cité des Métiers, the biggest career fair in  Switzerland.

In 2019, together with the Fondation pour Genève, the PCP showcased  the impact of Geneva-based organizations in an exhibition.

Public Events

KidsWannaKnow - Cross-generational discussions on International Geneva about International Geneva

KidsWannaKnow involves a one-to-one interview between a student and a representative from International Geneva.

Experts answer questions on topics such as human rights, migration and refugees.

The interviews are recorded and shared on social media to inspire students all around the world.


Young Reporters - Promoting International Geneva to the younger generation

In 2015, the PCP together with Eduki and the UN Information Service launched the "Young Reporters at UN Geneva" programme.

It offers students an opportunity to play the role of journalists and participate in  press conferences especially organized for them.

Students get to know more about international issues and gain skills critical  to their future.

Young Reporters