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Permanent Mission of the Gabonese Republic to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland

Phone Number
+41 22 731 68 69

Fax Number
+41 22 731 68 47
Correo electrónico

National Day
17 Agosto

H.E. Ms. Mireille Sarah Nzenze


Permanent Representative (06 December 2019)

Mr. William Rodrigue NYAMA

First Counsellor

Mrs. Brice Armelle Nyama

Mr. Ferdinand MANGONGO

Counsellor (Affaires sociales, OIT)

Mrs. Aimée Sylviane Mangongo

Mrs. Geneviève OBOLO NGAMPIA

Counsellor (OMC)

Mr. Pierre Serge Ngampia


Counsellor (Affaires juridiques, Droits de l’homme)

Mr. Roland Steve ENGONE NGYE

Counsellor (Protocole, Affaires consulaires)

Mrs. Mireille Engone Ayito Obiang

Ms. Syntilla Eveline LIKOUNI

Counsellor (Affaires numèriques et télécommunications)