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Contract 2: Renovation of the Historic Buildings

In summary, the procurement is for the renovation of the Historical Buildings of the Palais des Nations (Buildings A, B, C, D and S), all of which were constructed before 1950. Currently, the baseline for the renovation works is estimated to consist of External Works (1%); Works to the Existing Buildings (15%); Services (41%); Fittings Furnishings & Equipment (4%); Cafeteria Works (5%); Facilitating Works (2%); Superstructure (9%); Internal Finishes (11%); and Conference Room Renovation Works (12%). The baseline will be fixed when the Statement of Works is completed by SOM / B+P.

The tender action will result in a construction contract based on a modified FIDIC model contract.

  • The SHP Programme schedule foresees contract signature in early May 2019, with works commencing during June 2019 and completed by the end of November 2022, which gives a total contract period of 40 months. The budget for these works is in the range of CHF 240 million to CHF 260 million.
  • The buildings host mixed areas of conference rooms and office spaces. The level of intervention varies considerably between individual rooms and office areas: some will be completely refurbished whilst others will involve minor or medium-level interventions (e.g. to replace electrical systems, refurbish suspended ceilings and floors, and to paint walls) but with minimal structural work.

Furthermore, the renovation will be undertaken whilst maintaining business activities in the Palais des Nations (within the affected building as well as in the adjacent buildings).

Contract 2: Request for Prequalification Submission (RFPQS) for the Renovation of the Historical Buildings (Buildings A, B, C, D and S) at the Palais de Nations in Geneva, Switzerland (revised)

UNOG intends to complete the prequalification process for the Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitation for Contract 2 in Autumn 2018 and to issue the RFP at the end of 2018.

The Renovation Construction Works are expected to be initiated on site by the selected vendor in June 2019 for an estimated duration of 40 months.

Contract period is estimated to be from May 2019 to end 2021.

Revision 2 of this Request for Prequalification Submission (RFPQS) and its 11 Attachments may be found below:

EOIUNOG 12854 – Closed (Aug. 2017 - Dec. 2019)

Contract 1: Construction of a new office building - Building H

Construction Services: 3000222

Contract period is estimated to be from August 2017 to end 2020.


The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the Strategic Heritage Plan ("SHP") which includes a new office building of approximately 23'500 square meters (gross external area), with a site footprint of approximately 8'300 square meters, to be constructed adjacent to the location of the current conference and office building “E”. The new office building is designed to step down a sloping site, consisting of six floors at the highest part and has two internal courtyards.

The new office building includes a double height reception lobby area and has primarily open plan flexible office space with some enclosed offices for some 1’400 workstations, meeting rooms, coffee shop, technical rooms, and support spaces. The new office building (“New Permanent Building” or "NPB") will be situated between the Chemin de l’Imperatrice and Building E on a sloping site in Ariana Park. Construction services are required to build a modern stepped six story reinforced concrete structured building with large glazed curtain wall system and accessible green roof terraces.

Brief Description of Requirements:

UNOG seeks qualified contractors to undertake works to construct the NPB, the construction services include but are not limited to:

  1. Superficial Excavation;
  2. Main Structure;
  3. Structural reinforcing and new opening to an existing underground parking structure;
  4. Façade;
  5. Roof; including green planted roofs, parts of the roofs are accessible roof terraces;
  6. Architectural Finishes;
  7. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment ("FFE");
  8. Landscaping;
  9. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Construction ("MEP");
  10. Building Information Modeling ("BIM");
  11. Testing, Commissioning, Handover, Training;
  12. Defects Liability and Warranty Works;
  13. Consultation and coordination with the applicable authorities.

See the attached EOI and the links to attachments with five images and four drawings of the new office building.

EOIUNOG 12269 – Closed (2017 Jan-Jun)

Contract period is estimated to be from January 2017 to June 2017 and upon completion of Contract 1.

The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the Strategic Heritage Plan (SHP) which includes the construction of a New Permanent Office Building (NPB) of approximately 22,371 m2, together with the complete renovation of the main Palais des Nations complex of buildings, much of which dates back to the 1930’s. The NPB “Building H” is to be constructed adjacent to the current building “E”. This solicitation concerns the services required to undertake site / civil works in preparation for the construction of the NPB (which will be the subject of a separate procurement tender).

Brief Description of the Baseline Requirements:

UNOG seeks qualified contractors to undertake enabling works, the services include but are not limited to:

  1. Site clearance;
  2. Dismantling works;
  3. Temporary installations;
  4. Special foundations, retaining structures, support to basement, excavations and waterproofing; construction of three arrays of soldier pile walls for soil retention (approximately 3’000 m²);
  5. Basement Excavation: excavation and earthworks for the preparation of a working platform over the entire surface of the building construction area, storage of part of the soil (30’000 m³) in the surrounding areas and infills according to the landscaping project, and transportation of the excavated soil to external dump areas (13’000 m³);
  6. Landscaping and tree relocation upon completion of the construction of Building H.

EOI (attachment in pdf)